Power of Speakers

The Power of a Speaker

Consumers have it all wrong these days. Just when you think you’re getting a great deal on some electronic speakers or headphones with fancy design, you believe you’ve got it made. Well we’re sorry to say that you were probably duped by fancy marketing and beautiful industrial design.

There are plenty of examples of this these days. Without naming names, some larger companies have been able to appeal to urban demographics by selling the coolest¬†headphones and portable speakers. Remember that phrase “cool” for a moment now, because it will be important later.

Audio Quality of Bluetooth Speakers

All the rage these days are also the portable speakers that the kids are walking around with. You know? The ones that have lithium ion batteries and can play music wirelessly for 7 hours without a single charge from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Many of the more popular speakers amongst the younger demographics have inferior quality yet retain high pricing. It is truly a very confusing market.

High Fidelity Speaker Sound Versus Industrial Design

Unfortunately most of the youth demo. only care about what their friends are into, what’s being marketed via the appropriate advertising channels (internet, tv, radio, etc) and what is hip. They truly have no concept behind the material that goes into crafting these speakers nor have most done blind tests to determine which portable speaker or headphones sounded better at louder frequencies.

Trust us, if you were to take a few of the premium lesser marketed brands and compared them to the most popular, the results would be startling. There is a clear difference in sound fidelity especially as the volume begins to increase. Normally what you hear with these beautifully designed, hip bluetooth speakers is crackling noise and distortion the louder the volume goes. You also get a serious lack of bass which is odd considering these companies are marketing their hardware backed by hip hop music which makes tremendous use of bass.

Marketing Wins the Premium Speaker Game for Now

Let’s face it, until people start becoming more conscious of what’s around them and what they are actually purchasing, nothing will really change. What’s the purpose of paying extra money for HI-FI mp3 tracks from certain vendors when they’re virtually useless on low quality headphones or speakers. The sound is only as decent as the hardware your playing it on is and that is a testament to the music industry at large. It’s also an interesting reflection of how powerful the marketing machine can be in branding hip speakers with celebrity endorsements that don’t sound great. I’m not a billionaire but I almost feel sympathy toward some of the older more established speaker players in the game that manufacture high quality equipment but don’t have the same marketing budgets as some larger known electronics companies around the world.

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